The Premiere of Youth Choir Festival: "Stand Up & Worship God!"

All About GKI, 3 April 2017
Worship God because of He is the Only One who deserved to be worshiped.
Hi! You must be very excited to watch the following link.

Yes, it’s a must. Why? Here I’ll tell you the reasons why.

What is Youth Choir Festival?

Youth Choir Festival was initiated by some of the Youth of various GKI Churches in East Java (Jawa Timur). Together with “GKI Youth Choir”, they were craving for a Momentous Choir Festival amongst Youth in GKI Churches around East Java.

This is the first time where &plusmin; 500 youth assembled, joyfully singing in a Choir for the Glory of The Lord.

Why Youth Choir Festival?

Choir is an important element in Service, especially in GKI. Hymns are part of how the congregation communicates with God and others. Some churches were having difficulties maintaining Youth Choirs. In fact, the problems were similar to with another across churches. In detail, there will be full explanation in the following link.

Youth Choir Festival held 2 seminars, answering the needs of the choirs. The Speakers shared how to maintain and make the choirs alive again!

How was it?

Both the seminars and the festival were so much of fun! Yupe, all of the participants were really inspired one another. They gave their best and shared the burdens they had. The presence of "GKI On De'Stage" and "The Brothers" also completed the joyous moment. All attendees, committees and contributors, were refreshed by this Festival. They have been reminded that choosing the correct songs, planning the ministry, having an outbound or team building activity, and having a great yet humble leadership are things that are needed by the choir. But above all, the fellowship with God is the key of sustaining a choir.

What is Next?

Based on the evaluation, most of the participants want to have the festival as an annual activity. But beyond the activity itself, the committee tried to follow up and encourage fellowship among choirs. Will there be any other Youth Choir Festival? Let’s wait and see.

YCF Seminar Sesi 1 : Peran Paduan Suara Dalam Ibadah oleh Bp. David Alexander Aden, S.Mus

YCF Seminar Sesi 2: Mengelola & Menjaga Eksistensi Paduan Suara Pemuda Gereja oleh Ir. Aris Sudibyo, B.C.M

GKI Youth Choir - Leaning On The Everlasting Arms

GKI Youth Choir - Agungkan Kuasa Namanya

PS Ekklesia - GKI Jemursari Surabaya - Softly And Tenderly

PS Immanuel – GKI Mojokerto – Datanglah Ya Sumber Rahmat

PS KPR Jombang - GKI Jombang - Mampirlah Dengan Doaku

PS GKI Diponegoro - GKI Diponegoro Surabaya - Tercurah Darah Yang Kudus

PS Immanuel - GKI Darmo Permai Surabaya- Sucilah Dia

PS Gabungan - GKI Ngagel Surabaya - He Keeps Me Singing

PS Efrata - GKI Pondok Tjandra Indah Sidoarjo - Kendati Hidupmu Tentram

Komentar Juri GKI Youth Choir Festival - Part 1

GKI On De'Stage (GOD'S) - Teater: Dilarang

PS Messenger - GKI Residen Sudirman Surabaya - Jesus Is All The World To Me

Pregbun Youth Choir - GKI Pregolan Bunder Surabaya - Standing On Promise

PS Ekklesia – GKI Kutisari Indah Surabaya – Great Is Thy Faithfulness

iPraise - GKI Darmo Satelit Surabaya - It Is Well With My Soul

PS Efrata Yunior - GKI Emaus Surabaya - Tinggal Sertaku

PS Kopergedi - GKI Kediri - Ya Tuhan Engkau Perlindunganku

Harmonia Vox Choir - GKI Sidoarjo – Alleluia

PS Gloria Dei - GKI Citraland Surabaya - Here I Am Lord

The Brothers - The Lord's Prayer

Komentar Juri GKI Youth Choir Festival - Part 2

GKI Youth Choir Festival | KJ 226 - Dia Nobatkanlah & NKB 230 - Berderaplah Satu

Pembagian Piagam Peserta dan Juri


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